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Born in Eastern Oklahoma, the area previously known as the "Indian Territory", and only a days ride by horseback from Fort Smith, Arkansas where Judge Isaac C. Parker, known as the "Hanging Judge," had his Court.

As a youngster I rode the same trails once ridden by outlaws such as the "Younger Brothers", the "Dalton Gang" and the infamous woman outlaw, "Belle Starr". It was not surprising that I would grow up loving stories of the Old West.

Dusty Rhodes [author photo]A natural love for reading soon gave birth to writing. Hundreds of poems, songs, and short stories filled boxes and shelves during my working careers. Finally, in 1999, I took down one of the stories that had been gathering dust on the shelves of my mind for years and put it in book form.

MANHUNTER was followed quickly by SHILOH, JEDIDIAH BOONE and my current project, SHOOTER.

"How long does it take to write a book?" is my most often asked question. To which I usually reply, "It took me over sixty years to write my first one."

"Will people buy books that don't contain the sex and language so common in most of today's Historical Western novels?" . . .we shall see.

Dusty Rhodes


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Cover: Shawgo by Dusty Rhodes Cover: Shawgo by Dusty Rhodes Cover: Shawgo by Dusty Rhodes Cover: Shawgo by Dusty Rhodes Cover:  LONGHORN, Book II--The Hondo Kid Cover:  LONGHORN, Book II--The Hondo Kid
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Read An Excerpt!Buy The Book!

Read An Excerpt!
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Cover:  Longhorn, Book I--The Beginning
Cover : VENGEANCE IS MINE Cover: DEATH RIDES A PALE HORSE by Dusty Rhodes Cover: JEDIDIAH BOONE by Dusty Rhodes Cover: MAN HUNTER by Dusty Rhodes Cover: SHILOH by Dustry Rhodes

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